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My Account

Welcome to the UHC My Account/PGH Global Account Center!  You will have 24/7 online access to your UHC My Account and PGH Global Account which will provide you with the necessary tools needed to navigate your International Student Injury and Sickness Plan.

The information provided below will highlight the functions of each account and how they may be used to assist you throughout your coverage.




My Account is a secure website that will provide you with personalized benefits and health information.  

With My Account, you’ll have 24/7 internet access to:

  • Review Claims status, correspondence, and Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Request/print an ID card
  • Enter accident details online
  • Enter additional insurance information online

Log into My Account: Existing My Account users log in here. You can also look up your username or reset your password from here.

Create your My Account: You will be able to create your My Account 24-48 hours after your initial purchase of coverage. Be sure to use the email address you used to purchase coverage.


Your PGH Global Account is a secure website that will allow you to easily renew your coverage online as well as provide you with detailed enrollment Information for current and past enrollments.

With your PGH Global Account, you’ll have 24/7 internet access to:

  • Renew your coverage Online
  • Current and Past Enrollment Records where you may view details of each enrollment such as:
    • Plan selected,
    • Coverage Dates,
    • Names of each induvial enrolled (Student & Dependent Information),
    • Payment Information
    • Plan Features
  • Download a Confirmation of Coverage Letter which you may submit to your school for waiver purposes if needed.

To log in to your PGH Account, Please Click Here. (